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Each of us is uniquely gifted with special talents. Shelly “shines” in order to help each of us unpack our gifts, so that we may each “shine” too. Once we discover our light, we are to share it so that others may discover and share their lights too. One light, two lights … to a world of light.

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Shelly Shines


Just Be Kind! Club

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Tummies, Minds & Spirits

Our mission is to give all children the kind of education that we would like our own children to experience.

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The Shelly Book Series

Shelly Shines Activity Book

The Shelly Shines Activity Book takes children through a learning adventure. Each lesson teaches important concepts that help children grow in the areas of sharing and caring. The workbook lays out lessons, activities, and even has space for children to reflect on what they’ve learned and how positive it makes them feel.

Learning can be FUN when you Love The Bug!

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Shelly and the Pollywog

It’s Another Adventure!

When Shelly makes a new friend at the pond, she isn’t sure what to make of him. How can you be friends with someone who keeps changing so much? And how does he do it? Happily, Shelly has good friends who help her learn a very important lesson. Looks don’t matter!

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Shelly and the Bee

Unpack Your Gifts!

Shelly is sending you a call to unpack your gifts. You are packed perfectly for your journey, and we are created to serve in teams and communities. We are one family. Join Shelly and her new friend Benny the Bee to learn how easy it is to overlook help from others, how important it is to see and understand our differences from one another, and how simple it is to accept help, and maybe solve a problem along the way.

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The Shelly Concept

The Shelly Shines book series and products are intended to help children embrace their uniqueness and discover their inner light. Learn more about what we are doing and why we are doing it.

Meet Shelly!

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