Don't just say it. Do it!


By Paul Hankins, PMP

"It's impossible," said pride. "It's risky," said experience. "It's pointless," said reason. "Give it a try," said heart. While the source of this quote is unknown, I've never read anything that speaks truer words. You see, I'm among those who will think about something … such as writing a blog … for weeks on end without acting. Over-think a solution to a problem? Yep, that's me. And I'll venture to say many others fall into this category as well.


When my sisters and I were kids, our Dad had a saying for almost every situation. Two of my favorites, when considering the topic of over-thinking, are "Don't just say it, do it," and "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." You see, my Dad was a teacher, and he taught us right up until the day he died.


My wife is the ultimate "do-er." When members of our church were talking about connecting with our neighbors, she went across the street to the apartment complex that houses many of our community's most under-privileged and introduced herself. And a movement — the Just Be Kind movement — was born


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