New Year, New Cause

By Paul Hankins, PMP

The older I get, the more it seems time flies by quicker and quicker – and yet the more I have a desire to make a difference, to have an impact on people’s lives. Funny – it seems that after 57 years on this planet, I’m discovering my purpose. And in giving, I receive much more in return.

The Tummies, Minds & Spirits/Just Be Kind movement is an indescribable experience. A few weeks ago, we hosted a “Just Be Kind Santa Shop” in the Chapel Hill Apartments and Townhomes in Indianapolis. More than 150 people – children and adults – came through to pick out simple gifts to give to their children, their parents, siblings … but there was one young man who stood out. He wasn’t loud, didn’t demand attention – in fact, I’d say he was one of the quietest people there. But he was there for the entire 90 minutes, off to the side, carefully, meticulously wrapping the gifts he had selected for his kids.

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